How to select frequency inverter?

1, first step,
Confirm the motor voltage level and motor power.

2, second step
Confirm the application type
(1) Light load, keep the first step selection;
(2) Heavy load, select one or two sizes higher.

3, third step
Check current
Decision condition: normal running current > selected VFD rated current x 1.1?
(1) Yes, increase the power of VFD;
(2) No, keep the original selection.

4, forth step
Check the temperature and altitude
(1) Temperature should be -10~50 degree;
(2) Altitude should be less than 1000m, otherwise think about derating.

5, fifth step
Stop mode confirmation
(1) Fast stop, needs additional braking system (Braking Unit and Braking Resistor);
(2) Normal stop, no need additional braking system.

6, sixth step
Peripheral devices
(1) Input reactor, remover harmonics, avoid surge current etc.
(2) Output reactor, if the motor cable's length longer than 50m.
(3) DC choke, increase the power factor.
(4) Output filter, improve output current wave form.