CNC machine

Kinda variable freqyency drive applied in CNC machine

1, Load feature
CNC machine is a mechanical-electrical integrated system include mechanic, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology, it has the features of high accuracy, highly automated and highly flexible.

2, Requests for inverters (VFD)
(1)  It can work normally at 300RPM speed, has good stability, high control accuracy, fast response speed and high output torque at
       low speed.
(2)  It should have external forward / reverse control signal and analog input signal.

3, Instruction for commissioning
(1)  System diagram



(2)  Parameters list (Take 380V, 4KW as example)

No. Function codes Default Setting value Explanation
1 F0-01 2 0 Sensorless vector control (SVC)
2 F2-01 Model depend - Set them based on the motor nameplate value
3 F2-02 Model depend -
4 F2-03 Model depend -
5 F2-04 Model depend -
6 F2-05 Model depend -
7 F2-11 0 2 Rotation autotuning (disconnect the load)
8 F0-02 0 1 External start / stop signal
9 F0-03 1 2, 3, 4 External analog signal to control the output frequency
10 F0-10 50Hz 100Hz Set the max. frequency based on real request
11 F0-12 50Hz 100Hz Set the upper limit frequency based on real request
12 F0-17 Model depend 0.5s Set the acceleration time based on real request
13 F0-18 Model depend 0.5s Set the deceleration time based on real request
14 F1-11 0 0.5 DC braking start frequency while stopping
15 F1-12 0 0s DC braking delay time while stopping 
16 F1-13 0% 100% DC braking current while stopping 
17 F1-14 0s 1s DC braking time while stopping
(3)  Typical wiring diagram

4, Notices
(1)  Under the SVC control mode, it must perform the auto tunning firstly, then set the other parameters.
(2)   Please pay attention to ACC/DEC time setting and also the braking resistor’s selection.
(3)  The installation environment should be safe, to avoid the iron dust and other items to enter into inverter.