Circular Knitting Machine

Kinda VFD applied in circular knitting machine (textile)

1, Load feature
   Circular Knitting Machine is widely used in the textile industry, it’s usually started by external signal, speed is
   controlled by external analog signal.
   The running speed is high, start torque is high, and  also the system always needs fast stop. 

2,  Requests for AC Drive (VFD)
  (1) Big output torque at low frequency.
  (2) Fast response during start.
  (3) Running smoothly during running.
  (4) Stop smoothly and accurately, without reverse.

3,  Onsite picture


4,  Typical wiring diagram

5,  Parameters setting list

No. Function codes Default Setting value Explanation
1 F0-02 0 1 External start / stop signal
2 F0-03 1 2, 3, 4 The speed is controlled by external signal
3 F0-10 50 80 Maximum frequency
4 F0-12 50 80 Frequency upper limit
5 F0-17 Model depend 5s Acceleration time (adjustable)
6 F0-18 Model depend 0.5s Deceleration tiem (adjustable)
7 F1-17 0 2 S-curve ACC / DEC B
8 F1-11 0 1.5 DC braking start frequency while stopping
9 F1-13 0 60 DC braking current while stopping
10 F1-14 0 0.8s DC braking time while stopping
11 F6-02 2 2 Fault output
12 F8-13 0 1 Reverse forbidden
6,  Notices
  (1) Maintenance regularly, pay attention to ventilation, heat sink, and dust prevention.
  (2) Before running the machine, remove the load and adjust the motor running direction to be correct.
  (3) Pay special attention on the reversal while stopping, a slight reverse will cause damage to the dial, customer can
        change the
 S-curve mode or  fine tuning the DC braking parameters to remove the reversal.