Pumps and Fans

Kinda varialbe frequency inverter applied in pumps and fans

1, Load feature
  (1)  Both of them belong to fluid control.
  (2) If without VFD, the fluid is controlled by valve or baffles;
  (3) For less fluid required system, there will be more energy saving.
  (4) In theory, if the running frequency is H1, then
        Energy Saving = 1-(H1/50)3
2,  Requests for frequency inverters (VFD)
  (1) Soft start the motor, reduce the surge current.
  (2) VFD should work continuously without fault.
  (3) Speed tracking and start (flying start) function should be reliable.
  (4) In some systems, PID function is required.

3,  Real example
In a hotel, there is an central air-conditioner, the cooling fan is one PCS of 15kW motor, in one year,
    it runs 4000h, 2000h with the air flow of 85%, 2000h with the air flow of 60%.

4,  Typical wiring diagram

5,  Parameters setting list

No. Function codes Default Setting value Explanation
1 F0-02 0 1 External start / stop signal
2 F0-03 1 1, 2, 3, 4 The motor speed is adjusted by potentiometer or external analog signal.
3 F0-17 Model depend 20s Set the acceleration time based on real request
4 F0-18 Model depend 20s Set the deceleration time based on real request
5 F1-10 0 1 Coast to stop (if necessary)
6 F1-00 0 1 Speed tracking and restart
(if customers want to restart running motor)
7 F6-02 2 2 Fault output

6,  Notice
     Maintenance regularly, pay attention to dust and humidity prevention.