Conveyer belt

Kinda AC drive applied in conveyer belt

1, Load feature
(1)  With big fluctuation.
(2)  Lots of dusts in the operation sites.

2,  Requests for AC Drives (VFD)
 (1) Soft start the motor, reduce the surge current, protect the motor and conveyer.
 (2) Big output torque at low frequency, it should run smoothly during working.
 (3) Motor speed can be adjusted by external potentiometer.
 (4) Running current can be monitored timely.
 (5) While the failures happen, the AC drive can output alarm or stop.

3, Instruction for commissioning
(1)  system diagram 


(2)  Parameters setting list

No. Function codes Default Setting value Explanation
1 F0-02 0 1 External start / stop signal
2 F0-03 1 2, 3, 4 Externalanalog signal to control the output frequency
3 F0-17 Model depend 1 Acceleration time
4 F0-18 Model depend 11 Deceleration time
5 F6-07 0 2 Current output 

(2)  Typicla wring diagram

4, Notice
    Maintenance regularly, pay attention to dust prevention.