Plastic extruder

Kinda VFD applied in plastic extruder

1, Load feature
   There is a screw rotates in the tube body to push the plastic material move ahead, the screw type
   will increase the pressure to overcome the big resistance.
   Plastic extruder is constant torque load, it needs high output torque, and meantime the
   temperature on the site is always high and dust will be more.
2,  Requests for frequency inverters (VFD)
  (1)  Control is simple.
  (2)  Output high torque at low frequency..
  (3)  Heat sink performance of frequency inverter must be good.
3, Instruction for commissioning
  (1)  Pictures of plastice extruder 

 (2)  Parameters setting list
No. Function codes Default Setting value Explanation
1 F0-01 2 2 V/f control
2 F0-02 0 1 External start / stop signal
3 F0-03 1 2, 3, 4 External analog signal to control the output frequency
4 F0-17 Model depend Power * 2 Set the acceleration time based on real request
5 F0-18 Model depend Power * 2 Set the deceleration time based on real request
6 F6-02 2 2 Fault output

(3)  Typical wiring diagram
4, Notices
(1)  During commissioning, the motor running direction must be checked correctly.
(2)  Before starting the motor, the system temperature must be ready, if the temperature is not
       ready, the material inside the tube body will be blocked, it will cause high start current, the
       failure of overload will happen.
(3)  Maintenance regularly, pay attention to dust prevention and heat sink for frequency inverter.